Titan Casino Coupon Code


Titan Casino Bonus Code

Titan Casino has released a Titan Casino Coupon Code "TITANMONEY" that will give players who enter it up to $4000 free, depending on how much they deposit. When entering the coupon code players will receive an exclusive $200 free on their first deposit, and more free bonus money throughout their time playing at the popular Titan Casino.

Where do I enter the Titan Casino Coupon Code? When creating an account at Titan Casino you will come across a field that asks if you have a coupon code. This is during the new account registration after you have downloaded the casino software. In this field simply type in the special Titan Casino Coupon Code TITANMONEY and continue on with your account sign up. You will now be awarded the exclusive bonuses.

The first deposit bonus is a 100% match up to $200 in free money. This means that whatever amount you decide to deposit for your first time at Titan Casino will be matched in free money. If you deposited $50 you would receive $50 free from Titan Casino. If you deposited $200 you would receive $200 free from Titan Casino. And any deposit over the $200 max amount would receive the $200 in free money.

This free money that Titan Casino awards players who used the coupon code will be deposited directly and instantly into your account balance for you to play with. There are some small restrictions so that players can't withdraw the bonus money right away (to prevent fraud), but you can withdraw your winnings at any time.

After the $200 in free bonuses, Titan Casino gives 26 weekly bonuses up to $100. Every week after your first deposit you will be given an exclusive up to $100 free bonus on your deposits. This could total $2,600 in free money if you take advantage of it. Also, Titan Casino is giving away another $200 free for the first 6 months on your deposits, bringing the total bonus money to $4000!

Remember when you are signing up with Titan Casino you will need to enter the special Titan Casino coupon code TITANMONEY to receive the exclusive free bonuses!